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Yamaha FG700S Folk Acoustic Guitar Bundle Review


Love Folk music?

The Yamaha FG700SBS may be what you need to get started. FG700SBS  is an acoustic guitar for beginners with a rich, full tone and volume of more professional guitars. It is crafted from Sitka spruce for the front and Nato wood for the back and sides. It sounds as good as it looks.

It comes in two colors. A natural and a brown sunburst. Both designs have gorgeous rosewood fingerboard and tortoise pick guard.

In addition to your choice of color, your kit comes with hard guitar case, strap, DVD, picks, string winder, capo, tuner, polish and guitar stand.

When you buy Yamaha, you are buying from a corporation that has been around since 1887. That is over 125 years of research to satisfy consumers in demanding music industry.

Cordoba La Playa Acoustic Electric Guitar

Cordoba-La-Playa-TravelAt half-sized and built-in pickup, the Cordoba La Playa acoustic electric guitar is designed to go with you on your travels.  If you love the beach, you would appreciate the insulated surfer like travel pack.

Your travels don’t have to be across the globe. You can take you La Playa for overnight camping or weekend getaways.

If you are a composer, you know that inspirational muses often come when the least expected and most relaxed. Having your Cordoba travel guitar, handy helps you get the inspiration on the paper quick.

La Playa is 50 percent smaller than the standard classical guitar. Solid Canadian cedar is used for the top and Mahogany makes up the back and the sides. The wood inlay rosette and a satin finish gives it the traditional Spanish look.

The handcrafted La Playa Classical Guitar follows the dream of Cordoba Guitars to provide the opportunity to everyone to create rich sound of an authentic Spanish guitar at affordable prices.

Great For Travel

Size and weight both matter in a travel acoustic guitar. Cordoba has made  a point to use light weight but durable material in this model. The battery operated amp has enough power to keep the sound rich in an outdoor environment.

Durable Gig Bag

It is the gig bag that protects your guitar and makes it easy to carry around.  If you go on hiking, you’ll appreciate the durable padded surfers gig bag that comes with La Playa. It is sturdy enough to protect your guitar from most bumps and jolts of traveling.

Outstanding Workmanship

Cordoba’s name is synonymous with workmanship for a reason. They are uncompromising about quality and it shows from the first time you hold La Playa Travel Guitar. And from value standpoint, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything at under $500 to match it. Especially when the package includes a battery operated amp.

Feature Summary

  • Solid Canadian cedar for the top
  • Rich mahogany for back and sides
  • Natural satin finish
  • Cutaway design with Cordoba 2Band electronics
  • Includes tarpaulin insulated travel bag with shoulder strap


This is a travel acoustic guitar  designed for “traveling.” Don’t expect all the bells and whistles that come with full-sized instrument.

This con is not about guitar but about the world we live in today. Buy from a reputable company you can communicate with after you buy the guitar in case you needed support.

Who is this for?

The Cordoba La Playa Acoustic Electric Guitar is perfect for those who want to take their music on the road with them. Usually, this is a second guitar.